The book

Sketching is a core skill and tool of any designer. It is a quick and cheap way to ideate, develop and iterate on possible design solutions, both alone and with a group.

I am currently writing a book based on my practical experience as a UX designer working for companies like Google, Skype and Yahoo! and the workshops I’ve been teaching on the topic at conferences and for in-house design teams around the world.


The book will be an introduction to sketching as a tool in digital product, mobile and web design. Anyone involved in the design and development process can benefit from having sketching as an additional language to structure their thoughts and communicate with their team.

The book introduces basic sketching techniques that enable anyone to start sketching, to refine their technique and to make their sketches clearer and easier to read. It explains the different aspects to consider when sketching layouts, interactions or whole flows and scenarios. It presents practical exercises and examples for your practice. The book should  also serves as a handy reference for techniques and exercise that you can use to organise sketching workshops with your team, stakeholders and clients.

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